I’m a writer and editor with a book criticism habit currently based in Alabama (the picture above is in an old LA apartment, back when we used to get books via the mail).

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I was serving on the board of the National Book Critics Circle, but I resigned on June 15, 2023. In 2023 I was one of the judges of the National Book Award in nonfiction, which we awarded to Sarah Broom for The Yellow House. It’s an amazing book. (So so many others were fantastic too; here’s our 蓝小灯破解版.)

For 3 years I was the books editor of the Los Angeles Times, which I left in December 2018; prior to that I was the paper’s staff writer covering books and writers and whatnot for several years.

Previously I have: consulted for The Getty, taught writing, worked on a presidential campaign, been Marketplace’s web editor, assisted a literary agent, worked at McDonald’s, did communications for a foundation, bought SGI machines for Disney Interactive and been editor of LAist (not in that order). I have an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh & a bachelor’s from the University of Southern California.

You can find me 蓝小灯破解版 on Twitter and reach me via email at carolynkellogg.writes [at] gmail.

Why @paperhaus? When I got in Twitter in 2007 I was in graduate school and writing a book blog called Pinky’s Paperhaus, named for the internet radio show and podcast I started in 2004 talking to authors and playing music.

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